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Gallery Inside1_edited.jpg

Current featured artists

Barbara Counsil Burney

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Sherri McDowell

Artist Sherri Collister McDowell paints the beautiful places in her home state of Oregon. Presently she lives in Oakridge, where she and her border collie walk beside the rivers, gathering memories and inspiration for her brightly colored landscape paintings. This is a good life. She is happy! 


A Brilliant Spring (collection)

Wesfir, Oregon June 2011


Just the right amount of rain, sunshine and cool fresh air – it was perfect! Sometimes the sun and the rainclouds traded places within minutes. Then the sun shone through the clouds and everything sparkled like gems. Artist Sherri McDowell and her Australian Shepherd dog walked miles during the June perfect spring. It would take eleven years to bring this vision to fruition, but playing with the brilliant gouache colors to create the collection A Brilliant Spring, all the bright, happy memories came flooding back.

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